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“Always leave them wanting more” is an often cited quote that is rightly or wrongly attributed to PT Barnum. But this isn’t what we are here to discuss.

How in the awareness space do we achieve a level of anticipation and expectation for learning? This may be the release of new material or the re-watching/review of older material where you’ll find new information you didn’t see the first time around.

You see mostly we try to explain things such as the different types of attacks or scams that are used most commonly. Or we will explain what phishing is or why it is important to have secure passwords. Then we may trick users with corporate sanctioned phishing software (hmm, now that is probably another blog for another day).

Mostly useful information and a must read/view/listen.

So why are we still failing in our education or the end recipients?

We contend that the content just isn’t good enough to enthrall, amuse and entertain.

But should we be in the business of entertaining?

Well let me ask you this, who was your favourite teacher at school and why?

For me it was my slightly odd music teacher Mr Vaughan. He made lessons entertaining and he spoke to his class the way they spoke to each other. The whole class looked forward to his lessons and let me tell you controlling a room of 30 working class Liverpudlian pre-pubescent youths and holding their attention is no mean feat.

Now I won’t ask you who was the worst, we all have one or two of those too, but who was in-between?

Yes thought so, you’re struggling right?

This is where most awareness falls currently (with one or two exceptions).

So to my point, we should be in the entertainment industry, the attention grabbing industry, the information imparting industry which is why so many campaigns fail to enthuse the recipients.

But how to do this?

We everyone will have their own approach, just as the comedy circuit has thousands of comics, or the film industry has an unending supply of actors.

What you need to find is a voice and medium over which you want to promote and use that voice.

You need to be thick skinned with this too as there will be many who will tell you, this isn’t the way to behave/speak/communicate and so on.

Most of all though you need content. Content that resonates with your target audience and helps build your voice and hone your skills as you and they mature.

For us here at CyberOff that is all about humorous videos that explain concepts to viewers across our 4 categories of Home, Work, Physical and Scams. Each video works on its own and the content library under each category is continually growing, allowing for re-runs of the previous videos not only to the viewers, but to their family and friends too.

So it is very much in our interests to keep the content amusing and as I said at the top of the page to try to leave them wanting more.

No onto this phishing your owns users approach …….

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