/ˈsʌɪbə ɒf/

Phrasal Verb

Used to tell a person to ‘go away’ if they are spouting utter nonsense about cyber security.

Why CyberOff?

We’re not on a mission but our goal is simple, to make engaging content that people want to watch.

We believe great content on all cyber security matters is business critical. It addresses the human element and prevents others from using sloppy passwords, encouraging insecure practices or giving away too much information. These small improvements in behaviour can prevent your business from being absolutely f*cked. Data loss, customer details stolen, business reputation in the toilet are all preventable and are all symptoms of not having a savvy workforce. You don’t want to have to go to your boss and say “yes we did have a proposal from a firm who’s CEO looked like Rolf Harris, who could have helped us educate our workforce to mitigate these risks” and have him or her slap you across the face and sack you for incompetence now do you? Don’t make that mistake we urge you.

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A word from our founder, Ian

Well I’m Ian Murphy. Cyber security leg end, one time FA Vase Finalist and one time loser of £1M on Ant and Dec’s Red or Black game show. But I’m not bitter that I’m not sunning myself on a yacht in the Bahamas, no, I’m overjoyed to be doing stupid cyber security videos for you lovely people.

I believe that content needs to engage and connect with people if you want them to change their behaviour. Hoping they’ll pay attention to dull and monotonous awareness content is not a strategy anymore, it’s a recipe of lasagne, disaster, yes disaster, not lasagne mmmm. So why not give us a shout, we’ll have a cuppa and discuss how we can get you more engagement and increase your workforces cyber savviness. 

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