/ˈsʌɪbə ɒf/

Phrasal Verb

Used to tell a person to ‘go away’ if they are spouting utter nonsense about cyber security.

Why CyberOff?

We’re not on a mission but our goal is simple, improve everyone’s cyber savvy.

We develop video, poster and ebook content that amuses, informs and makes the messaging memorable. Whether you are a business looking for better engagement for your security awareness campaigns, a provider of learning that is looking to spice up its library or a security vendor who is looking for an edge on their competition by adding valuable content.  We’re sure you’ll find something here to brighten up your day, keep your teams and customers engaged and ultimately provide a savvier cyber space for everyone.

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A bit about our founder, Ian

Ian Murphy’s career in security started back in the early 90’s with his introduction to the UK Ministry of Defence. Since then he has gained a wealth of experience across all aspects of the profession from sales, to technical to leadership and across multiple geographies too. His specialisms lie in providing organisations with truly engaging, fun and memorable cyber security campaigns and the engagement necessary to begin to change users behaviour for the better. Ian’s experience has shown that humorous content, delivered little and often, will drive an increase in user “smarts” and help everyone stay safe online. 

About CyberOff